Brannfaren mot høyeste nivå i Portugal de neste dagene

Brannfaren øker de neste dagene, spesielt i Algarve.

Nå skal man være forsiktig med åpen ild. IPMA har god oversikt over hvor man skal passe spesielt godt på. På denne siden til IPMA kan du også sjekke forholdene for ethvert område.

Advarsel fra websiden deres:
Restrictions associated with the Wildfire Risk Class DURING the CRITICAL PERIOD

Burning for grassland renewal, cleaning stubble or debris that is uncut or cut on the ground, but NOT in piles, is not permitted

The burning of piled-up waste is not permitted

The use of stoves, BBQs and grills is prohibited in all rural spaces, except where used outside of the critical areas and in places duly authorised for the purpose.

Smoking and all types of naked flames are prohibited in woodland and forests.

Balloons with a lit fuse and rockets are prohibited. Fireworks are only permitted subject to authorisation from the Municipal Council.

Fumigating and pest control in apiaries are prohibited except where the fumigators are fitted with spark retention devices.

Spark retention devices and flame covers must be used on exhaust pipes and chimneys of machinery with internal or external combustion engines and on heavy transport vehicles. One or two 6 kg fire extinguishers must be carried depending on whether the maximum weight is less or more than ten tonnes.

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